shit okay so im decently high at the moment and literally screw the government. anyways i cant find a good background for one of my pages argh and i defiently need to learn alot more in html but mainly css, its a nightmare but im determined. i also need to get more cds and vinyls but i cant bcos of corona but hey if you're looking at this site in the future, i'm living through a fucking pandemic. but ill have a lot of time to learn css so thats good.


i cant believe none of steveo's youtube videos are clickbait. his cool af

hi same day diff time but i rlyyyyy gotta stop smoking so much but i cant bcos wtf else is there to do?????????????


im not happy w this site at all arghhhhh, its gonna change alot.


hi im pre6tty cross faded rn and i. knew we didntget enough alcohol but we obv. cant get any because we btoh r not sober but we. r tryinf to find someone i also. really love e that can be his name on here but i also hate him sm. anyways on a mis=sion yto get tequila BYEEEEEEEEEE

get me out of here